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Why Mall Walking Should Be Your Go-To Winter Activity

The Freedom Mobility


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- Jill Layton Alperstein

When winter rolls around, our list of potential activities shrinks dramatically. So what fun activity could you do in the winter to avoid the freezing temperatures? We have a solution: mall walking. Mall Walking is not an orthodox activity for the winter; nor the summer time for that matter. Walking in general has many benefits on its own. Couple this activity with a location such as the Columbia Mall and it could make even the most apprehensive want to join in. why mall walking is a great winter activity

The Benefits of Mall Walking

Temperature control. Most physical activities are dependent on the weather. So as temperatures start to sink, outdoor activities become much less comfortable. With a large indoor facility such as a mall, you will have the comforts of central heat as well as protection from the wind, rain, etc. They’re built for walking. Most malls offer special mall walking hours before the normal mall times. Columbia Mall, for example, opens their doors at 6 am daily for mall walkers. During this time, the usual crowd is gone, making the whole activity much more enjoyable. The absence of crowds make it easier for any loved ones in wheelchairs to join you. The stores are closed during these early hours, and although this can seem like a negative point, it helps you focus more on friends and save money. In some cases, the malls have a coffee shop open for post-walking drinks. Window shopping is fun too! So what if you do want to pick up a couple things while you’re out or simply browse the shelves? Malls offer so many things to see and do that it can make your mall walking trip that much more enjoyable. Plenty of places to rest. A major benefit of malls, especially for those with mobility impairments, is there will be multiple benches to rest on if you get tired. Most mall walkers we know end up planning their mall route with regular rest spots lined up for breaks. For example, starting on the opposite end of the mall from the coffee shop and pausing for a warm drink at the mid-way point. With all the benefits mall walking offers, it could very well become one of your favorite ways to catch up with friends. If you’re experiencing mobility issues, but still want to be able to get out and make mall trips part of your weekly routine, get in touch with a mobility solutions store today! Here at Freedom Mobility, we have the experience to help you figure out the best mobility equipment to help you stay as active as you like while staying within your budget. Give Freedom Mobility a call today at 1-888-414-6553 so we can help!