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- Jill Layton Alperstein

18978 Are you or your loved one in the market for a lift chair? If so, you are probably getting overwhelmed with all the options. As a Maryland lift chair store, we get many customers who come in not knowing what they are looking for. Many times it’s someone helping their loved one get comfortable after a major surgery or a serious illness. You probably didn’t even know that lift chairs existed just a few weeks ago, and now you are shopping for one? No worries, Freedom Mobility is happy to help! Here is a brief overview of your lift chair options.

2-Position Lift Chairs

First of all, all lift chairs do at least one thing: they lift up whenever a person needs to sit down or get up from the seat. This lift helps prevent the lift chair user from bending knees or straining their arms, which is a great relief if these motions cause pain. A 2-position lift chair has 2 positions besides the lift. This chair can remain upright and it can also recline like a normal recliner would. The reclining position can be comfortable for watching TV or taking a nap. In most 2-position models, the reclining function is tied to the foot rest, so both get activated simultaneously. If you need to use these functions separately, be sure to check the product description (or better yet—test it out in our store) to make sure it works the way you envisioned.

3-Position Lift Chairs

A 3-position lift chair (aka 3-way recliner) adds a third deep recline position to the mix. This position is specifically intended for sleeping and is mostly horizontal, but it keeps your upper body slightly lifted. If your loved one has trouble sleeping in their bed, they may find the lift chair a lot more comfortable. Besides, getting up from this bed is a breeze!

Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs

Zero-gravity lift chairs are also known as infinite-position lift chairs because, you guessed it, they don’t limit you to just 2 or 3 positions. In a zero-gravity lift chair, the foot rest can be adjusted independently from the back rest, which allows for a variety of positions. For example, the zero-gravity position aligns your knees, hips and spine for a balanced weight distribution, deeper relaxation and spine decompression. The Trendelenburg position, on the other hand, reclines even deeper and raises your feet above your heart, allowing for increased blood flow to upper extremities. This position helps improve circulation, prevent varicose veins and provides relief in many other ways.

Other Considerations

Besides the three main types of lift chairs, you should also consider the size, dimensions and weight capacity of the chair. Thankfully, there are lift chair options for all kinds of users:

  • Heavy duty lift chairs support up to 600 lbs
  • Petite lift chairs are ideal for users under 5’5”
  • Extra wide lift chairs have wider seats

Some lift chairs also have built-in heat and massage features that your loved one might appreciate. Need more help selecting a lift chair that meets your loved one’s needs? Visit our Hanover, MD mobility equipment showroom or give us a call to speak with one of our Aging-in-Place specialists.