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Mobility Safety in Winter

The Freedom Mobility


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- Jill Layton Alperstein

Winter may be beautiful, but it also brings a host of new concerns for mobility safety. Icy pathways and snow blockades make it difficult to get around, and the cold weather can seize joints and bones to the point of low functionality. Properly enjoying the soft, winter wonderland includes knowing how to be safe. Here are a few winter safety tips for those with limited mobility.. Mobility Safety in Winter

Outfit Your Tires

There are actually snow and winter tires you can get for your wheelchair that make it much easier to travel during the winter. If you find yourself unable to come by these tires, or you don’t need anything heavy-duty, consider this fun DIY project. With a few zip-ties, you can make your ordinary wheelchair tires into ones that can easily grip ice and snow. However, you should still be investing in keeping your wheelchair as safe as possible, so don’t use this method in place of real snow tires if you need them desperately.

Grab Rails

During the winter, our joints and muscles tend to work at a lesser capacity. For those with limited mobility, this can be an incredibly dangerous truth. To combat this danger, consider installing grab rails where you need them most. In the shower, for example, a grab rail can make it incredibly simple to enter and exit the shower. Grab rails can also be installed other convenient places, such as your bedside or next to your computer desk. If you don’t already have grab rails in your bathroom, this is an excellent opportunity to install them.

Dress Appropriately

Winter is problematic for those with limited mobility, because you must wear layers before venturing outside. If getting dressed is a hassle for you, this is something you dread. However, you can also find wheelchair-friendly clothing to accompany you out into the cold. Snuggies are excellent examples. They can be draped over you like a robe, covering your arms, while acting like a blanket. Be sure to wear hats and gloves, and don’t forget your scarf!

Keep Your Phone On-Hand

Don’t travel anywhere this winter without a way to contact help if necessary. Even if you’re simply traveling to the mailbox and back to your house, something dangerous could happen. You don’t want to be stuck in the snow without a way to call for help. Keep your cellphone on your person at all times during the winter. Your local Maryland wheelchair supplier, Freedom Mobility, can give you more information about winter wheelchair safety. Call us today for winter safety advice. If you want to learn more about accessibility and mobility during the winter, ask the experts at Freedom Mobility to walk you through our entire selection of wheelchairs and ramps.