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Maryland Commercial Ramp Rental

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A complementary essential to any wheelchair and mobility scooter user, ramps provide you with a smooth surface for navigating over staircases, thresholds, and uneven terrain. Also, the Passport Vertical Platform lift is another perfect solution to add safe access for difficult pathways, porches, or platforms making your existing environment more accessible. Travel in and out of your home safely and easily with any of Freedom Mobility’s ramp rentals.

For assistance in Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, Silver Spring, and Columbia, call 443-445-3518 or contact us online to speak with one of our mobility experts.

How We Handle Commercial Ramp Rentals

When you are ready for a Maryland commercial ramp rental, reach out to our mobility experts at Freedom Mobility Solutions. We learn more about the type of ramp you might need, explain your options, and review the rental process. Because this is an affordable option to buying your ramp outright, we walk you through the costs involved compared to a purchase.

A commercial ramp rental works in a variety of situations, including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartment communities
  • Rental properties
  • Office or commercial locations
  • Vacation homes
  • Vans, trucks, and buses


No matter the situation, we offer commercial ramp rentals for Maryland residents that perfectly suit your needs.

Choosing the Proper Commercial Ramp Rental

At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we help you choose the appropriate ramp for your situation. A Maryland commercial ramp rental should fit the places you or a loved one must go, be easy to move, and even easier to store. 

We help our customers choose from items like threshold ramps, portable ramps, modular ramps, and lightweight ramps. For example, a threshold ramp helps you move over large thresholds in a home or building, but a portable ramp allows you to slide over one or two steps. 

Modular ramps can cover several yards, reaching any entrance you prefer. If you have concerns about a tight entrance or believe there should be heavier handholds, we have lightweight ramps that are easy to install and remove when necessary. 

Delivering Your Commercial Ramp Rental

When you choose your Maryland commercial ramp rental, we deliver on your schedule. Our mobility experts can deliver to any location you prefer at any time, and we always teach our customers how to use our equipment before the delivery is complete. 

When it is time to pick up your ramp, let us know. We will send an expert team to your location, and we can close out your commercial ramp rental contract at that time. If you are managing a special event or venue with tight deadlines, let us know. We can schedule our teams to meet you at the time you need so that there are no delays on your end.

Modular Ramp Pic 2

Reasons to Rent a Commercial Ramp in Maryland

A Maryland commercial ramp rental offers several benefits for anyone with mobility issues. You might need a commercial ramp if:

  • You or your loved one uses a wheelchair, crutches, or other mobility aid
  • Walking up even a few steps is too difficult or inconvenient
  • Your venue needs a ramp for disabled guests
  • You are adding accommodations to your business or commercial facility
  • You want easier access to certain exterior doors
  • You need a ramp that goes where the wheelchair goes
portable ramp

Commercial Ramp Rentals for Maryland Residents

A Maryland commercial ramp rental should be simple and affordable. At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we ensure that you get the best ramp for your circumstances, excellent customer service, and quality support. Among our many services, we also offer:


For assistance in Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, Silver Spring, and Columbia, call 443-445-3518 or contact us online to speak with one of our mobility experts.

Commercial Ramp Rental FAQs

Are ramps covered by insurance?

Ramps are covered under Medicare if they are deemed medically necessary by a qualified physician. 

How long does a ramp need to be for 3 steps?

According to the American with Disabilities Act, a step has 7.5  inches of elevation. With that in mind, three steps would be 22 inches, and that means you would need a 22-foot ramp because the ADA recommends one foot for every inch of height.

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