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Fall Wheelchair Safety Tips

The Freedom Mobility


I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

The leaves are turning beautiful colors, the weather is growing colder, and it’s time to welcome fall with open arms! Are you excited for the season? For many, this is a time of beauty and wonder. However, using your wheelchair during fall means adjusting a few things to ensure safety and functionality. Freedom Mobility Fall Wheelchair Safety Tips

Buy New Tires

Keeping your tires up-to-date and in top shape is always needed, but fall activities call for thicker tires to help with traction. During this season, rain is more frequent, and leaves are quite slippery when wet. This makes it difficult for wheelchairs with thin wheels to travel anywhere, even if it’s just down a sidewalk littered with leaves.

Check the Weather

Now is the time to start checking the weather on a consistent, regular basis. It’s not enough to take a glance when you wake up and plan your day from then on. Fall is notorious for mood swings when it comes to the weather. Even ramps can be a difficult and slippery surface during precipitation. Ensure that you’ve got a good, reliable application on your phone that you can count on. You might want to plan your traveling for the day around whether or not it’s going to rain or snow.

Reflectors and Visibility

When traveling at night, it’s always important to ensure your wheelchair is as visible as possible. This is especially true during fall, because foggy mornings are common. Not to mention, it’s getting darker much earlier during this time of year. Be extra precautious–add a few reflectors to your wheelchair, and make sure to wear bright colors that can be seen from a distance.

Regular Maintenance

During the day, if you’ve been outdoors in wet areas, be sure to dry your tires before you go inside. You don’t want to be without traction, as this can be a huge safety hazard. At the end of every day, you should take a few moments to clean, dry, and inspect your wheelchair to ensure everything is in working order. Nothing is more important than being able to rely on your wheelchair for access and transportation.

Get the Wheelchair That’s Right For You

Everyone is different, and every circumstance needs specific evaluation when you’re deciding on a wheelchair. At the turn of this season, take the opportunity to ensure that your wheelchair is serving you as well as it can. You’ll need Maryland mobility experts to help you make the right call. This season, don’t take any risks. Out of all the fall wheelchair safety tips, this is the most important–consult a professional to keep yourself as safe as possible. Looking for the perfect wheelchair? Freedom Mobility is ready to assist you. We have scooters and wheelchairs for every situation. Our wide variety of wheelchair model options is what makes us experts; we know exactly what you need, and you’ll be working with the best Maryland mobility experts to find your perfect fit.