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What’s the Difference Between a Walker and a Rollator?

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I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

If you’re in the market for a new mobility device, you have a lot of options. Sometimes, your situation will put you in a place where you need to pick something like a rollator or a walker. But what’s the difference between them exactly? Here are the main differences between these two mobility devices, and some things to consider when you need to pick one or the other. The Difference Between a Walker and a Rollator

What is a Walker?

Your basic walker has a very straight-forward design: two handles which are shaped like arches. The arches extend all the way to the ground to create the body of the walker which forms four sturdy touch points with the floor. Commonly, walkers have to be lifted and physically moved forward in order to move. Some walkers will have wheels (called casters) on the front to help with this and sometimes you’ll see savvy walker-users install their own DIY solution with tennis balls—obviously, we recommend the casters.

What is a Rollator?

A rollator is a more technical word for a rolling walker. Whereas walkers can have wheels, or “casters”, on the front part of the walker, a rollator will have these sturdy casters on all four legs. A rollator will also include some form of a braking system into the handle to help stop the casters from moving when needed.

What is the Difference Between a Walker and a Rollator?

The main difference between the two is a rollator is a more advanced piece of mobility equipment. It has casters on all four legs, and a brake to help stop the walker. Because a rollator offers these more advanced features, it will also be a bit more expensive than a traditional walker.

Should I Choose a Walker or a Rollator?

If you aren’t strong enough to lift and move a normal walker forward, then you should probably opt for a rollator. If you only need the device for a month or so, or don’t plan on using it as often, you may want to pick out a walker as they are less expensive. Ultimately, we suggest having this conversation with a Maryland mobility specialist, such as the ones here at Mobility Solutions, because we can not only help you obtain the best solution for your situation, we can also help you understand how insurance can help. Freedom Mobility is a Maryland mobility supply store offering wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators in Hanover, MD and surrounding areas. We have the industry experience and certifications to help you find the best mobility device for your particular needs. For more information, or to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our mobility specialists, give us a call at 1-888-414-6553 or fill out the form on our website, today!