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Can I Get my Doorways Widened?

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I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

Most residential homes, especially older ones, do not have doorways fit for wheelchair access. This presents multiple problems and can restrict mobility in a number of ways. Moving out or resettling in a nursing home can both be daunting options that are simply unnecessary and time consuming. The solution? Widening the doorways of your home is the kind of project that could change your life. Increasing the level of mobility in your home ensures comfort and maximum utility, particularly in your kitchen and bathroom. Here’s how you can get your doorways widened as part of your Maryland home mobility modifications. Automatic door opener

What Makes a Home Accessible?

In order to make a home completely accessible to those who lack full mobility, there must be at least one doorway with no steps leading in or out of the home. In the best case scenario, the home would have an “open concept,” meaning it’s easier to modify if the need arises. Open concept homes are also generally more spacious with less walls, frequently connecting kitchens and living areas into one full room. The doorways of your home need to be at least 32” wide and given enough room for a straight angle entry. For a wheelchair that must turn before entry, the doorway needs to be 36” wide.

Is My Doorway Able to be Widened?

Realistically, it’s not possible for every doorway in your home to be widened. There are certain circumstances which make it impossible, such as the door being up against two walls. The hallway before entering the room may also be too narrow to provide proper turning space. In these cases, you may want to consider moving. However, in most cases, widening your doorway is entirely possible! It’s an easy, quick process that doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and will make your life much easier.

Other Mobility Improvements to Consider

While you have a contractor in your home, why not think of some other ways you can make your home accessible? Are you already in the process of widening the door to your bathroom? You should think about making your bathtub and shower wheelchair accessible. Your sink and toilet can also be modified to leave plenty of space for access, and cabinets can be moved to a more reasonable height. Every task should be able to be completed while utilizing your wheelchair. Take advantage of your remodeling opportunity and make sure your entire home is wheelchair accessible.   Freedom Mobility is dedicating to improving the lives of those who do not have full mobility. As Certified Aging-In-Place specialists, our quality products and impeccable customer service continue to bring Maryland customers back to our care again and again. When it comes to widening your doorways, we do not offer such services, but we would be happy to help point you in the right direction! These modifications can make your mobility in your house far greater and are worth investing in. Call us at (443) 445-3518.