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Top 3 Spots for Grab Bar Placement

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I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

photodune-4024869-display-bathroom-xs When you are attempting to make your home safer and more comfortable for a loved one with limited mobility, grab bars are a must. They offer extra support and reduce stress on week joints and muscles when sitting down or standing up. Grab bars also serve as an additional safety feature in case a person loses balance and needs to hold on to something to avoid falling. Here are a few places around your home where grab bars will make a big difference for you or your loved one.

By the Toilet

Lowering yourself and lifting yourself up from a toilet seat can be straining for people who have injuries or suffer from arthritis or other movement-limiting conditions. Raised toilet seats may add a few inches to reduce the distance one needs to cover, but a grab bar will make this experience even safer and less painful.

Inside the Tub or Shower

There are two places where you can place a grab bar in a tub/shower area: by the entrance and inside on the longer wall. The entrance grab bar will aid with getting in and out of the shower, while the second grab bar will help safely maneuver inside the shower area between getting to the shower seat and reaching for the toiletries.

By the Bed

Modern hospital beds come with built-in grab bars, but if your loved one is using a regular bed, then a separate grab bar might be necessary. Getting up from a horizontal position is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish when you don’t have the strength and flexibility you used to enjoy. Besides the help with sitting up and transitioning into a wheelchair, a bed grab bar will also be useful for adjusting your position when laying down.

Other Considerations for Grab Bar Installation:

  • Choose grab bars with a non-slip surface.
  • A grab bar can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally depending on the intended use.
  • Always mount the grab bar into a stud or use special anchors to ensure secure installation.
  • Avoid grab bars in tight spaces where they affect elbow room, leg room or otherwise restrict movement.
  • Make sure grab bars are mounted at a level where they are equally easy to reach from both sitting and standing positions.

While grab bars are a great solution for anyone who is injured or otherwise suffers from mobility issues, it’s also a great aid for seniors. According to the CDC, one out of three adults over 65 fall each year, which results in both non-fatal and fatal injuries. With strategically placed grab bars, many of these injuries can be avoided or minimized. Need help choosing the right grab bars for your mobility needs? At Freedom Mobility, we specialize in Maryland mobility solutions, including grab bars and other home modifications and mobility equipment. We carry anything from plain grab bars to stylish designer grab bars and specialty support bars for specific tasks. Feel free to contact us to request a free in-home consultation.