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How Technology Has Improved Mobility Solutions

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Technology is ever changing, what is new and groundbreaking today will be dated tomorrow.  Technological advances in mobility solutions have had a tremendous impact on the mobility of millions of people worldwide. Let’s take a look at some technological advances that have made mobility easier in recent years, as well as some of the advances on the horizon. How Technology Has Improved Mobility Solutions

Wheelchair Advances

Wheelchairs have come a long way in recent years. Powered wheelchairs and motorized scooters have improved greatly over the last decade, making the lives of millions easier. Not only have powered wheelchairs become more advanced, they have become more accessible, less cumbersome, and more functional. While power chairs used to have very limited functionality and battery life, they can now last longer and go further at varying speeds, all while seats can be adjusted more easily for different angles and greater comfort. And when technology advances it often becomes less cumbersome, with large, heavy parts being replaced with smaller, lighter parts. In wheelchairs and motorized scooters, this means the chairs take up less space and weigh less. These advances mean more individuals in need are able to get around with less hassle.

Communication Advances

In addition to advances in wheelchairs and motorized scooters, technology has make incredible advances for those in need of communication assistance. Those who can’t talk are now able to express themselves and maneuver a wheelchair using just their eyes. In addition, smart wheelchairs integrate technology into them making it possible for those without the use of their arms or hands to make calls, control the television or computer, or move their wheelchair using just their voice.

Upcoming Advances

Some advances are not as readily available yet, but are on the horizon. Stair climbing wheelchairs have been created, but are still in development, and will make life out and about easier for those in a wheelchair. Another advancement that is gaining in popularity is handicap accessible clothing. While this may not sound like a technological advancement, it is certainly something to take notice of. Getting dressed and undressed independently is a struggle for many handicapped individuals, but advancements in accessible clothing are making that task easier for many. Technology has changed the face of mobility solutions over the last decade, and we are excited to see what changes it will bring over the next decade. From improved communications to more functional wheelchairs, we are sure to see some exciting things emerge over the next several years. At Freedom Mobility we help our customers stay up to date on the latest mobility solutions, because their comfort and convenience is our top priority. If you are in need of a wheelchair, or wheelchair upgrade, call us, your Maryland wheelchair supplier today!