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Are There Snow Tires for Wheelchairs?

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- Jill Layton Alperstein

Wheelchairs are fantastic for helping those with limited mobility travel. However, they aren’t perfect. A lot of wheelchairs do not possess the ability to travel through thick, dangerous, wintery terrain. This is exactly why people search for solutions to wintery terrain via their tires. You may love your wheelchair in every other respect, so it seems silly to abandon it if there is a solution for winter traveling. Read on to learn more about winter terrain solutions, and how you can conquer snow and ice with your wheelchair. Are There Snow Tires for Wheelchairs?

Are there snow tires for wheelchairs?

At first glance, an internet search yields no results. However, perhaps it’s time to consider all-terrain wheelchair tires as an acceptable alternative. All-terrain wheelchair tires are useful for any dangerous traveling situation, including ice and snow. What’s more, you can use these tires all-year long to traverse not only ice and snow, but also sand and uneven pathways. All-terrain tires are an investment, but because they will continue to work for you once winter is over, it’s possible that these all-terrain wheelchair tires are your best bet for safety.


In Germany, Patrick Mayer invented a way for wheelchair users to safely navigate snow and ice. As a person with limited mobility, Mayer knew exactly what made wheelchairs inefficient in the snow. For example, he was well-aware that the front tires tended to sink into the snow first. His invention, the wheelblade, rids a wheelchair-user of this concern. The wheelblade evenly distributes weight, so that the front tire doesn’t sink into the snow. This way, it’s much easier to traverse snowy landscapes. They’re durable, adjustable, and can be transported anywhere due to their lightweight nature and their compact size.

Wider Tires

It might be difficult to find weather-specific tires for your wheelchair, but knowing that you need to distribute weight is the number one factor you need to remember. Distributing weight is easy when your wheels are wider and thicker. Therefore, in order to find your own “snow tires” you’ll need to look online for tires that are thicker than the ones you’re using. Any little bit helps to give you more traction.

Prepare Surrounding Areas

For further winter wheelchair safety, be sure to clear and salt any outdoor pathways you must travel. Wheelchair tires will easily slip on the ice if you aren’t careful, so salting your way will make it that much safer for you. Salt pathways before you know it’s going to snow or ice overnight. With this kind of preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle the winter season in no time. Do you have more questions about winter safety? Contact Freedom Mobility today and learn more about how you can protect yourself during the winter and into the rest of the year! Whether it be sturdy accessibility ramps or newer wheelchair models, Freedom Mobility can make this winter season easier on you.