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- Jill Layton Alperstein

UpWalker Lite

The UPWalker is designed to provide the user with a more upright posture compared to a standard walker. Using an upright walker allows for a more natural posture. The adjustable-height, padded armrests allow the user to stand more erect to help reduce slouching and back pain. The armrests also work to help reduce pain or discomfort in lower limbs, hands, and wrists by creating better body positioning. By standing more erect, many users feel safer and better supported – decreasing their fear of falling.


• The UWalker Lite is a smaller, lighter, lower-priced version of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use.
• Designed to maneuver in tighter spaces and for users who might be challenged by a heavier walker.
• Weighing just 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker Lite is easy to lift and transport.
• Increases mobility and independence for the elderly and mobility challenged.
• Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity and confidence to remain more active.
• Clinical study of LifeWalker technology showed improved posture, safer, more stable feeling, and reduced pain in legs, back, hands and wrists.
• Includes a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag.


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