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Universal Sling

The Universal Sling is made for easy application and minimized discomfort. Universal slings or “U” shaped slings mold around the body easily.  Features six to eight hook-up straps for an array of attachment options and adjustments.  More attachment straps allow adjustments for better weight distribution and more comfortable positions.  Padded legs help to reduce skin injury or discomfort during sling application.  Select mesh models for wet applications and quicker drying times.  Mesh models come without padded legs.  Universal slings are available with or without head support.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Eight hook-up straps for superior support and comfort
  • Suggested Weight Range, small: 85 – 140 lbs
  • Suggested Weight Range, medium: 140 – 200 lbs
  • Suggested Weight Range, large: 200 – 400 lbs
  • Head support offers increased assistance
  • Fits 2, 4, and 6-point sling bars

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Without Head Support

Material Type Part Number Description Size Best Fits Weight Capacity
 Polyester  SL-UP892  Padded Leg  M  140-200LB  400LB
 SL-UP893  Padded Leg  L  200-400LB  400LB
 SL-UP894  Padded Leg  XXL  400-600LB  600LB
 Mesh  SL-UM882  Mesh  M  140-200LB  400LB
 SL-UM883  Mesh  L  200-400LB  400LB

With Head Support

Material Type Part Number Description Size Best Fits Weight Capacity
 Polyester SL-UPH861 Padded Leg S 85-140LB 450LB
SL-UPH862 Padded Leg M 140-200LB 450LB
SL-UPH863 Padded Leg L 200-400LB 450LB
SL-UPH864 Padded Leg XXL 600LB 600LB
 Mesh SL-UMH831 Mesh S 85-140LB 400LB
SL-UMH832 Mesh M 140-200LB 400LB
SL-UMH833 Mesh L 200-400LB 4


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