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PressureGuard Easy Air LR

The PressureGuard Low Air Loss with Alternating Pressure and Lateral Rotation is an all-in-one solution allows you to customize therapy from among three clinically proven modalities. Low-air-loss Therapy with Alternating Pressure and Lateral Rotation incorporated into one mattress system.

Remarkably, it does so with none of the compromises low air loss users have come to accept, thanks to its exclusive Air Diffusion Matrix technology and PressureGuard air/foam design.Easy Air LR won’t lose inflation in a power outage. Its stable surface won’t “swallow up” the user. And its Safety Edge™ won’t collapse like air-only mattresses can, making transfers safer. It won’t make the user too hot or too cold, either. Ultra-simple to set up, clean and use. Comfort level is adjustable. “On/off” buttons control air flow and alternating pressure/lateral rotation/ float feature.


  • Therapy Modes:
    ALTERNATING: Air cylinders 1 and 3 deflate while 2 and 4 inflate. Pairs will go through one complete alternation cycle every 15 minutes.
    FLOAT: Stops the alternating or rotating movement of the mattress and evenly inflates all four air cylinders. The FLOAT indicator light will illuminate and the mattress will achieve uniform support with no movement within five minutes.
    ROTATION: Air cylinders 1 and 2 inflate while 3 and 4 deflate, gently rolling the patient laterally. Cycles complete every 15 minutes, rotating the patient from side to side, approximately 20 degrees in each direction.
  • Aggressive Treatment through Stage IV
  • Excessive maceration contributes to development of skin breakdown.
  • Any stage ulcer where maceration is a contributing factor.
  • Prevention for those at high risk of skin breakdown (e.g. Braden score 12 or less)
  • Won’t deflate in power outage.
  • Documented superiority in moisture removal.
  • PressureGuard® design: stability, safety, anti-shearing.
  • Product and Parts Covered under a Two-Year, Non-Prorated Warranty
  • Mattress Weight: 22lbs
  • Weight Capacity:  500 lbs. in FLOAT and ALTERNATING, 350 lbs. in ROTATION

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