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I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

Offering a selection of high-performance powered wheelchairs suitable for wherever life takes you.

At Freedom Mobility, we offer cutting-edge power wheelchairs with rear-wheel, front-wheel, or mid-wheel technology. With state-of-the-art design and customized builds, we can provide the best solution available.

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What is a Power Wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs, also known as motorized or electric wheelchairs, feature a motor that propels the wheelchair in the direction you need to go. This is very convenient, because instead of applying manual force, you can essentially move your wheelchair with a touch of your finger.

Just like cars, power wheelchairs can have different types of drive train. This is one of the major differences in how various power wheelchairs operate. The driving wheel is typically larger than the rest, so you can easily spot it. Here are the three major types of electric wheelchairs based on the drive train configuration:

  • Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have larger back wheels and front casters and were the first power wheelchairs on the market.
  • Front-wheel drive wheelchairs gained popularity in the early 90s but didn’t completely replace their rear-wheel counterpart.
  • Mid-wheel technology is relatively new but already has earned its place in Central Maryland wheelchair stores. A mid-wheel drive power wheelchair has a total of 6 wheels, with the middle pair being the driving wheels.
maryland power wheelchair

The position of the driving wheels matters because it determines how a wheelchair handles, specifically in uphill and downhill situations. For example, rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have better traction going uphill, while front-wheel drive wheelchairs do better when going downhill. But you can’t feel or understand this difference unless you try a wheelchair out before you buy, which we’ll be happy to help you with in our Central Maryland wheelchair store.

What to Look For in a New Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are a large category of mobility equipment that includes many different types of devices. Not all power wheelchairs look, feel and handle the same way. As you are shopping around, look at these important characteristics to compare different models:

maryland power wheelchair company
  • Type and style of seat
  • Type of controls
  • Type of drive train
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Battery life
  • Turning radius
  • Speed
  • Size and weight capacity
  • Weight and portability
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

In addition to the above, power wheelchairs can also have special features, such as seat belts, storage pouches, wheel locks, headrests, etc. Some of them may be irrelevant for you or your loved one, but others may turn out to be a huge bonus. If you are not sure about the benefit of certain features or how they work, please come talk to our wheelchair experts at our Hanover, MD showroom.

Our Most Powerful Mobility Solutions

At Freedom Mobility, we offer cutting-edge power wheelchairs with rear-wheel, front-wheel, or mid-wheel technology. With state-of-the-art design and customized builds, we can provide the best solution available.

Our selection of power wheelchairs includes:

power wheelchair rental

Looking for a power wheelchair that’s safe and reliable for every day use? Our standard, full size power wheelchairs are perfect for the all-day-every-day chair user. With tall backs and cushioned seats, these chairs are designed for user comfort that lasts, and a long battery range ensures smooth mobility from morning to evening.

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When you need mobility equipment that’s easy to store and travel with, our portable and folding power wheelchairs are your best bet. These chairs provide ease of mobility in more compact spaces and can be folded or quickly disassembled to allow for hassle-free traveling. Whether you’re heading out to the grocery store or planning a trip to the beach, a portable wheelchair can make your mobility experience both easier and more enjoyable.

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Your ideal mobility solution will be one that suits your individual needs – and does it well. If those needs include a weight capacity of 300-600 lbs., look no further! Our wide and heavy duty power wheelchairs are designed not only provide the stability and support you need, but also the comfort and control you deserve. 

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Need a power wheelchair that’s more responsive and versatile? Elevating and positioning wheelchairs have adjustable controls that allow movement of the seat, back, and leg supports without compromising the stability of the wheelchair’s base. These power chairs are ideal for users needing pressure redistribution and alternative positioning to achieve their desired comfort level.

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