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The Difference Between a Lift Chair and a Chair Lift

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If you have a loved one who has limited mobility, the wide range of equipment that can help them in daily life might seem overwhelming. It’s important that you and your loved one both discover the most prudent and necessary pieces of equipment that will help with everyday tasks. It’s most likely not feasible for you to renovate your entire home in order to make it more accessible, and moving might not be an option. For this reason, finding new and innovative ways to conquer limited mobility is vital. Here, we’ll be discussing the difference between a lift chair and a chair lift. Both are equally necessary, but are quite different from one another, despite their similarity in names. The Difference Between a Lift Chair and a Chair Lift

What is a lift chair?

While it is a serious piece of medical equipment, a lift chair looks just like an ordinary reclining chair. For this reason, it fits perfectly into any living room and can be stylistically adjusted to become virtually invisible. To visitors, a lift chair appears to be very ordinary. Lift chairs slowly push someone into an upright standing position, in order to make it easier for someone with limited mobility to get into their wheelchair or grab onto their walker. It’s perfect for those who don’t live with anyone who could help them get in and out of chairs. Lift chairs are excellent for those with limited mobility who want to keep a strong grip on their independence.

What is a chair lift?

A chair lift is usually a literal lift that helps people get to higher or lower levels. The most common example is chair lifts along staircases. Instead of making expensive modifications to a home, you can add a chair lift to the staircase. It will provide safe seating for someone with limited mobility to move along a motorized track up the stairs. This is a necessary piece of equipment for many families. Rather than helping the independent, a chair lift often makes it easier for a family member to focus on their loved one, rather than worrying about their own physical stamina. Chair lifts can also be used to help people onto buses, into pools, and much more.

How important are these devices?

Realistically, a lift chair is not the most pressing piece of equipment you need to find. It is convenient, safe, and helpful for those with limited mobility. It presents a sense of independence you might not find elsewhere. However, a chair lift is much more important, especially if your loved one must travel between floor levels. Chair lifts are also used among common public transportation and can be seen in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Do you need more information about mobility, lift chairs, and chair lifts? Contact the professionals at Freedom Mobility today, and we’ll get started on finding the perfect mobility solution for you. Keep your loved ones happy and safe by working with the best Maryland wheelchair supplier in the state.