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Insurance Coverage and Lift Chairs

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- Jill Layton Alperstein

When your mobility becomes limited, getting up and down from a chair in your home may become a challenge. Whether you suffer from arthritis, have recently had an injury or medical procedure, or you have a degenerative condition, getting a lift chair for your home could make your life easier and allow you to stay in your home longer. Lift chairs can be a great addition to your home, however they can be very expensive. So you may wonder if they are covered by insurance. Let’s look at lift chairs, health insurance, what is covered by insurance, and what isn’t.

Will Private Insurance Cover Lift Chairs?

If you have a private insurance policy, such as one through an employer, whether or not your lift chair will be covered, or partially covered, is determined by the policy itself. Some private insurance companies cover lift chairs in certain circumstances, while some only partially cover them. Still, some companies do not cover them at all, so checking with your insurance provider will let you know exactly what your policy states.

Will Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?

If your primary insurance is Medicare part of your chair may be covered, if you meet the right qualifications. Medicare does not cover the expense of the actual chair, but rather just the chair raising mechanism. Additionally, Medicare will only cover certain kinds of lifts, generally the most basic lifts available. In order to qualify for assistance in getting a lift chair, Medicare will require certain qualifications be met. This in part will include proper documentation from your doctor.

Medicare Qualifications to Cover a Lift Chair

Whether you have Medicare or private insurance, there are certain qualifications you will likely have to meet to get assistance in purchasing a lift chair. Since private insurance policies vary, we will look at the qualifications needed for Medicare patients to get assistance. Having an ongoing medical condition such as arthritis or muscular dystrophy will make you qualify for assistance in purchasing a chair. Additionally, having a written treatment plan that uses a lift chair from your physician will be necessary. In order to receive help from Medicare you will need to be able to prove the necessity of the lift chair. If you feel you would benefit from a lift chair, and are unsure where to start, visit Freedom Mobility today! We can help you navigate your insurance policy, and help you find the perfect chair for your home and your needs. Our Maryland lift chair store has options for every situation and we will work with your insurance company to help you get the chair you need.