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Maryland Grab Bars & Security Poles

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I can't thank Kelly and her staff enough for how helpful and caring they have been during my mother's recovery. It is obvious that they have the client's best interests in mind. I highly recommend this company!
- Jill Layton Alperstein

 Improving your balance and reducing joint pain with supportive grab bars and poles.

Supportive Solutions for Maintaining Your Independence

Grab bars serve two main purposes: besides being a safety feature, they also help ease the physical strain on the lower body. This is especially important for someone who is recovering from an injury or suffering from severe joint pain. Shop our selection below:

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With Freedom Mobility’s variety of grab bars, hand rails, and security poles, you’re sure to find something that meets your or your loved one’s unique mobility needs. 

Whether you live in Annapolis, Towson, Hanover, Owing Mills or Glen Burnie, our mobility specialists can assess your living space and suggest the best mobility products to improve your comfort and safety.


Balance & Stability Where You Need It Most​

There are many places around your home that could benefit from a grab bar or a handrail. Many of our clients install grab bars in the bathroom inside the shower enclosure, as well as next to the toilet. Getting in and out of the shower or bath is one of the most dangerous activities for someone with limited mobility, and we can help you make it safer. We make sure all the bars and rails we install are securely attached. A poorly secured grab bar is worse than no grab bar at all. We take care to perform installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you need a grab bar in a unique spot where a standard bar won’t fit or is unusable, Freedom Mobility is up to the challenge. Just give us the dimensions and we’ll be sure to find a grab bar that will fit your space and suit your needs.

Grab Bars:

When you’re looking after others or taking care of yourself, you want the finest safety products to lean on. Our broad selection of quality products and accessories combine function, safety and style for reliable in-home stability and comfort.

Durable, ADA-compliant designs offer innovative function, as well as a look that easily coordinates with the style of your home. Reduce your risk of slips and falls with our professionally-installed grab bars:

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One of our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists will visit your home to assess your bathroom safety and mobility challenges. Freedom Mobility can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right grab bars for your needs, to planning the placement and securely installing the bars. In combination with our other bathroom safety solutions in Central Maryland, such as bath lifts and raised toilet seats, grab bars can help make your bathroom an injury-free zone.


If you are looking to add safety to your bathroom without taking away from the style, then our designer grab bars are the perfect solution. They are available in stylish designs and a variety of finishes and features, including polished stainless steel, polished brass, brushed nickel, bronze and others. No matter which finishes are used throughout your bathroom, we will find the grab bars to match. Our designer grab bars come from manufacturers like Moen, well-known for the quality of their products and the beauty of their designs.


Sometimes, a regular handle-shaped grab bar doesn’t meet your mobility needs. In this case, we are happy to offer a huge line of specialty grab bars designed for various unique placement and usage situations.

Our specialty grab bars come in many shapes and with all kinds of accessories, such as:

  • Grab bars with a towel rack
  • Grab bars with storage compartments
  • Grab bars with a toilet paper holder

Security Poles: Comfort in Transitioning

A Security Pole provides horizontal and vertical support for a variety of transfer applications. A security pole can easily be installed beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair. 

security pole woman

Since it is more compact than a walker, is it ideal for use in small restricted areas such as washrooms, and for pivot transfers in narrow areas such as between bed and wall, narrow hallways, etc.This transfer aid allows weight shifting, moving, standing, leaving or transferring into bed, wheelchair, to a walker or bedside commode.

In a shower, the security pole gives complete support for stepping over the tub wall without reaching for wall grab bars.

Looking to have a Grab Bar or Security Pole installed?

Schedule a CAPS(Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist) appointment with a Freedom Mobility Home Modification specialist to receive an estimate or have an on-the-spot installation completed!