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Frequently Asked Questions about Stairlifts

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Having a stairlift installed in your home is actually much easier than you would imagine. Here at Freedom Mobility Solutions we’ve helped countless homeowners realize their dreams of improved mobility in their homes. One of the most common mobility items we see used by homeowners is the stairlift. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions about stairlifts as well as help clear up some common misconceptions. Maryland Stair lift Company

Is Our Railing Strong Enough?

The strength of your railing will actually not be a determining factors in stairlift installation. This is because stairlifts attach directly to your home’s staircase instead. So if your staircase is structurally sound then you should be able to have a stairlift installed without an issue.

My Staircase is Narrow – Will a Stairlift Still Fit?

Modern day stairlifts are extremely versatile. There are many different designs and sizes which can fit anything from a normal size to a narrow staircase. Our stairlift installation technicians are fully trained to assess the current situation of your staircase and then determine your best option for stairlift functionality as well as space.

Will a Stairlift Work in a Power Outage?

This answer depends. There are two types of power supplies for stairlifts: those with and those without batteries. A battery-operated stairlift is designed to run when there is a power outage. Be sure to ask about power outages when evaluating stairlifts with your Maryland mobility specialist so they can discuss the various options available.

Can I Install My Own Stairlift?

We strongly suggest you don’t. It’s important that a stairlift is installed correctly to ensure the safety of the user. If one small aspect is overlooked it could lead to serious injury. For this reason it’s best to hire a mobility specialist in Maryland such as Freedom Mobility and let them properly install a new stairlift.

Are Stairlifts Hard to Use?

Stairlifts are surprisingly very simple to use and were designed with the user in mind. They offer multiple areas of control as well as added accessibility and safety features. Not to mention, once your stairlift is installed, Freedom Mobility takes the extra steps to ensure you know how to use your equipment completely. For more information on stairlifts, or if you have a question which was not answered above, get in touch with the mobility specialists at Freedom Mobility. Freedom Mobility is committed to helping people age in place safely through the use of specialized mobility equipment such as stairlifts. To request a consultation, give Freedom Mobility a call at 1-888-414-6553 or fill out the form on our website, today!